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ATC is pleased to introduce the 0805 Land Grid Array (LGA) Thin Film Bandpass Filter Series.

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ATC is pleased to announce the new 531Z Broadband Multilayer Capacitor.

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ATC’s new 560L Ultra-Broadband Capacitor is manufactured with highest quality materials to provide reliable and repeatable Ultra-Broadband performance from 16 KHz through 40+ GHz.

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ATC is pleased to announce the new 0402 Land Grid Array (LGA) Thin Film Low Pass Filter Series.

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About KYOCERA AVX | RF Solutions (Formally ATC)


WHO WE ARE: KYOCERA AVX Components Corporation (KAVX) provides component and custom integrated packaging solutions for the RF, microwave and telecommunications industries. We design, develop, manufacture, and market Multilayer Capacitors, Single Layer Capacitors, Resistive Products, Inductors, and Custom Thin Film Products for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications.


MARKETS WE SERVE: Our products are primarily focused on the wireless communications infrastructure, fiber optic, medical electronics, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, defense, aerospace, and satellite communications markets.


CORE COMPETENCIES: Our Core Competencies include: Engineered Materials, Engineered Services, Specialized Testing, Custom Products and Services, TECH-SELECT® - Proprietary RF Design Software, and Technical support for both our Applications Engineering and Technical Sales Teams. For over fifty years, Our family of superior component and custom integrated packaging solutions has been represented by THE ENGINEERS' CHOICE® brand.