600L Series Ultra-Low ESR, NPO RF & Microwave Capacitors

ATC 600L Series Multilayer Capacitors

ATC’s 600L, EIA 0402, Multilayer Capacitor Series offers superb performance in the most demanding RF / Microwave applications requiring consistent and reliable operation. The combination of highly conductive metal electrode systems, and low loss propriety dielectrics, yields Ultra-Low ESR. Superior performance makes ATC’s 600L Series your best choice for a wide range of RF and microwave applications.

  • Standard EIA Size: 0402
  • Capacitance Range 0.1 pF to 27 pF
  • Lowest ESR in Class
  • Highest Working Voltage in Class – 200V
  • High Self-Resonance Frequencies
  • RoHS Compliant

Functional Applications

  • Cellular Base Stations
  • Subscriber-based Wireless Devices
  • Broadband Wireless Services
  • WiFi (802.11)
  • Satellite Communications
  • WiMAX (802.16)

Circuit Applications

  • Filter Networks
  • Matching Networks
  • High Q Frequency Sources
  • Tuning, Coupling, Bypass and DC Blocking
Electrical Specifications
Case Size: L (0402) ESR (Typical@1 GHz): See RF Performance Data
Capacitance: 0.1 to 27 pF Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance (TCC): 0 ±30ppm/°C, -55°C to +125°C
Tolerances: See Capacitance Values Insulation Resistance: 10^5 M-Ohms min. at +25°C at rated WVDC
10^4 M-Ohms min. at +125°C at rated WVDC
Working Voltage
200 V Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV): 2.5 x WVDC for 5 seconds
FSR: See RF Performance Data Aging: None
FPR: See RF Performance Data    
Mechanical Specifications
Terminations: T = Tin Plated over Nickel
Barrier * (Standard)

TN = Tin Plated over
Non-Magnetic Barrier *

W = Tin/Lead Solder Plated
over Nickel Barrier
Solderability: Solder coverage > 90% of end termination
Terminal Strength: 2 lbs. Typ., 1lbs. min.    

* Lead-free and RoHS Compliant
ATC 600 Series Capacitors are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the requirements of EIA-198, MIL-PRF-55681, and MIL-PRF-123.

Environmental Specifications
Life Test: 2000 hours, +125°C at 2X WVDC Thermal Shock: 5 cycles, -55°C to + 125°C
Moisture Resistance: 240 hours, 85% Relative Humidity at +85°C    
Capacitance Values*
Value (pF) Cap Code Tolerances Value (pf) Cap Code Tolerances Value (pf) Cap Code Tolerances
0.1 0R1 A,B 1.6 1R6 A, B, C, D 6.2 6R2 A, B, C, D
0.2 0R2 A,B 1.8 1R8 A, B, C, D 6.8 6R8 B, C, J, K
0.3 0R3 A,B,C 2.0 2R0 A, B, C, D 7.5 7R5 B, C, J, K
0.4 0R4 A,B,C 2.2 2R2 A, B, C, D 8.2 8R2 B, C, J, K
0.5 0R5 A,B,C 2.4 2R4 A, B, C, D 9.1 9R1 B, C, J, K
0.6 0R6 A,B,C 2.7 2R7 A, B, C, D 10 100 F,G,J,K,M
0.7 0R7 A,B,C 3.0 3R0 A, B, C, D 11 110 F,G,J,K,M
0.8 0R8 A,B,C 3.3 3R3 A, B, C, D 12 120 F,G,J,K,M
0.9 0R9 A,B,C 3.6 3R6 A, B, C, D 15 150 F,G,J,K,M
1.0 1R0 A,B,C 3.9 3R9 A, B, C, D 18 180 F,G,J,K,M
1.1 1R1 A,B,C,D 4.3 4R3 A, B, C, D 20 200 F,G,J,K,M
1.2 1R2 A,B,C,D 4.7 4R7 A, B, C, D 22 220 F,G,J,K,M
1.3 1R3 A,B,C,D 5.1 5R1 A, B, C, D 24 240 F,G,J,K,M
1.5 1R5 A,B,C,D 5.6 5R6 A, B, C, D 27 270 F,G,J,K,M

* Non-standard values and custom tolerances are available upon request.