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Properties of Enhanced Vias®

Improved Performance:

  • Low resistance connection due to increased metalization thickness through via
  • Pure plated Cu and Au, no ceramic filler material

Improved Reliability:

  • Connection is independent of adhesion to via's walls
  • Through hole can be inspected after mounting to carrier

Structural Integrity:

  • Metal overlaps wide area of top conductor, forming a plated rivet.
  • Avoids possiblity of closed voids entrapping liquids and gases.
Design Guidelines for Enhanced Vias®
Parameter Symbol Limits/Recommendations
Hole diameter D Minimum: 0.6 X T
Nominal: >=1 X T
Rim width W Minimum: 0.002"
Nominal: 0.005"– 0.025"
Rim thickness TR per request
Nominal DC Resistivity (mΩ) T&D in mils, TR&H in μ")      318 x T     
  D x (TR+H)

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