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Inspection Methods, General Ordering Information

Inspection Methods
Visual 100% Per MIL-STD-883, method 2032 Class H or K (10X microscope min.); IPC-A-610
Dimensional AQL Pattern features: Microscope; Substrate: Micrometer and calipers
Resistors AQL 2 or 4 Point Probe
Adhesion AQL Tape pull test with 3M #610 tape
Other Customer Specified
General Ordering Information
Substrates Type, surface finish, dimensions and tolerances.
Resistsive Films Type, nominal resistivity, tolerance after heat treatment. Heat treatment temperature and time.
Conductive Films Type, thickness and tolerance.
General Specifications and acceptance criteria.
Artwork Dimensioned Drawings, DXF, DWG, Gerber or GDS Formats.
Processing Temperatures, bonding/soldering methods and environment.

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