Technical Notes


  ATC Q-Bridge Thermal Conductor Application Note

  Selecting RF Chip Capacitors for Wireless Applications

  Suggested Mounting Pad Dimensions for ATC Multilayer Chip Capacitors

  ESR Losses in Ceramic Capacitors

  ATC Resistors and Terminations Engineering Guidelines: Design, Measurement and Performance

  RF Ceramic Chip Capacitors in High RF Power Applications

  Capacitors in Broadband Applications
(Reproduced with permission of Applied Microwave and Wireless, May, 2001)

  Capacitor Tolerance Selection for Coupling, DC Blocking, and Bypass Applications
(Reproduced with permission of MPD, Sept., 2001)

  RF Power Amplifiers Operate Cooler with Improved Reliability Using ATC's
EIA 600 Series Ultra-Low ESR Ceramic Capacitors

(Reproduced with permission of MPD, May, 2003)

  Considerations for Optimal Capacitive Coupling
(Reproduced with permission of Microwave Product Digest, March, 2004)

  Capacitor Pi Network for Impedance Matching using Modelithics Models

  Recommended Attachment Techniques for ATC Multilayer Chip Capacitors - Bulletin No. 201

  S-Parameter Test Method

  Surface-Mount NPO Capacitors

  Recommended Soldering Techniques for ATC 500 Capacitors

  Laser Marking of ATC Capacitors

  Thermal Resistance, Power Dissipation and Current Rating for Ceramic and Porcelain Multilayer Capacitors

  Vertical Orientation of ATC Chip Capacitors On Striplines

  Recommended Handling and Attachment Techniques for Microcap Capacitors Bulletin No. 202

  ATC MLC Surface Mount Tape and Reel Packaging Specifications

  AS 9100C (FL)

  ISO 14001: 2004 (NY)

  ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate (FL)

  ATC Quality Policy

  RoHS Compliancy Notice