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Custom Single Layer Capacitors

 Length Units:
 ATC Part Number:
 Dielectric Constant: 
 Min. Q @ 1 MHz: 
 Series Resonance: 
 Working Voltage: 
 Dielectric Selection
  A (K=14)
  BB (K=31)
  CA (K=60)
  CC (K=130)
  DA (K=165)
  DB (K=200)
  HC (K=420)
  EA (K=650)
  EC (K=650)
  J (K=1100)
  F (K=2000)
  GA (K=4000)
  G (K=6000)
  K (K=9000)
  L (K=16000)
  M (K=25000)
 Dimension Selection
Length (L)   mils (10 to 100 mils)
Width (W)   mils (10 to 100 mils)
Thickness (T)   mils (5 to 12 mils)
Clear Selection
 To specify your custom single layer capacitor, first choose
 either the 116 or 111 Series format. Then fill out the
 capacitance and any of the following parameters: dielectric,
 length, width, or thickness. Only the capacitance value is
 required to be filled out. Fill out only the parameters that are
 critical to your design. Finally, click the Calculate button.
 Series Selection
  ATC 116 Series MICROCAP®
 Straight-sided design offers the highest
 capacitance per outline size.
  ATC 111 Series MICROCAP®
 Beveled edges minimize the potential
 for crack propagation.
 Capacitance Tolerance
 Design Rules
 1. Width and Length cannot be greater than 20X Thickness.
 2. Width cannot be greater than 2.5X Length and vice versa.
 3. Thickness cannot be greater than 1/2 length or width.
 To create a 30pF capacitor with a length of 30 mils and a width of 20 mils:
 fill out the capacitance, length, and width, leaving the dielectric and thickness
 blank. The program will automatically select the appropriate dielectric (F)
 and thickness (9.0 mils).