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Combined Capabilities

Combined Capabilities

Combined Capabilities

  • Design: Modeling (HFSS), simulation (Genesys) and CAD (Tanner)
  • Substrates: 1 inch square to 6 inch round (150 mm) wafers
  • Typical materials: Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, Beryllium Oxide,
    Silicon, (N, P, and N+), Quartz, Glass, Glass- Ceramic, Sapphire,
    Ferrites and Titanates
  • Metalizations:
    Sputtered: Al, Au, Cr, Cu, Ni(V),
    Pt, TaN, Ti and TiW
    Plated: Electrolytic Cu, Ni, Au;
    Electroless Cu, Au
  • Resistors: High Ohmic SiCr and TaN
    resistors in laser trimmable designs
  • Capacitors: Si02, SiON and BCB
    dielectrics in laser trimmable designs
  • Inductors: Multilevel and multiturn copper and gold inductors
  • Routing: True Air Bridges and Dielectric Crossovers
  • Passivation Materials: SiON, Si3N4, BCB and polyimide
  • Vias: Sputtered, enhanced plated, filled and castellations
  • I/Os: BGA, LGA, edge wrap, through via and wire or ribbon bond
  • Machining:
    CO2 cutting, drilling, and scribing
    Diamond-saw dicing
    Back grinding and polishing
  • Assembly:
    High precision 0201 or larger pick and place
    Attachment via wire or ribbon bonding, BGA, LGA
    or surface mount reflow
  • Testing:
    MIL-STD-105D level II sampling
    MIL-STD-883 100% visual inspection
    Capacitance, insulation resistance and resistivity
    RF testing to 40 GHz

Primary Markets and Applications

  • Military, Aerospace and Space:
    RF and Microwave filters
    Precision resistors
    MOS capacitors
    Circulators, Splitters
    Specialized modules
  • Medical and Instrumentation:
    Precision resistor networks and arrays
    In-circuit trimmed designs
    Telemetry filters
    Miniature circuits and assemblies
  • Broadband infrastructure:
    Laser diode mounts and heat sinks
    Optoelectronic converters
    RF and DC fan-outs
  • Instrumentation:
    Ultra-precision reference capacitors and resistors
  • Solar:
    Interposers and heat sinks

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